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Help Recess Cleveland win a $2500 grant with 60 seconds of your time

42% of schools have cancelled Recess.  Recess Cleveland, needs your support to bring recess back to schools and !!! Please take 1 min of your time to vote for us to win a $2500 grant from MissionBox by: Visit https://www.missionbox.com/organization/461/recess-cleveland Click "Recommend" next to our name. Fill out the required information to vote Share this page,…

We Accept! Cleveland Magazine PressureLife Challenges Recess Cleveland To Bubble Games On Ice In Duel For The Ages

   VS.                  Cleveland culture/lifestyle magazine PressureLife has challenged the Recess Cleveland team to participate in their bi-monthly event, "Pressure Vs." The staff at PressureLife take on local businesses and organizations and try to "beat them at their own game".  And they lose. A lot. The Bubble Soccer…

Recess Cleveland Rules – Dodgeball

https://youtu.be/OIllJVEFyYU   Dodgeball – a childhood favorite! The court has a centerline with several balls lined up on it, two “attack” lines set up about ten feet back on each side of the centerline and two sidelines. The game starts when all members of the teams rush forward from the sidelines to pick up a…


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