Recess Cleveland Rules – Football

We like to keep it simple at Recess Cleveland when it comes to football. Our game is more like street-ball: formal rules and positions don’t apply, but we ask that you refrain for highlight-reel-style hits.

  1. Every team needs a quarterback, a few receivers, a line, and a referee who is also a big fan of the team.
  2. End zones are set up at each end of the playing field. The goal is to get the ball into the end zone by running or passing it to a receiver. The line’s job is to keep the other team’s players from getting to the quarterback and/or the ball.
  3. Each play starts with the snap of the ball from a line-person to the quarterback who then has to pass the ball, give it to another player to run with, or run with it themselves.
  4. Each team gets four tries to get the ball ten yards down the field. If a team fails to get ten yards, the ball goes back to the other team. If the team makes the ten yards, they get a new set of ten yards and four new tries until they have to give the ball back to the other team or they score in the end zone.
  5. There is no instant replay, no Lady Gaga half-time show, no water boys, no deflated pigskins and no pumped-in audience noise. Keepin’ it real.
  6. Proper sportsmanship is always a requirement.
  7. So is fun!!!

Alex Robertson


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