Recess Cleveland Rules – Battle Soccer

Battle Soccer, or “3-sided football” as it’s called in Denmark where it was invented in the 1960s, is a fun but chaotic way to change up a typical soccer game!

Here’s what the pitch looks like. Yikes!

Image result for 3-sided football
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Scoring works the opposite of typical soccer, you don’t count the goals you get, only the number of goals you concede, so defense is really important! And there’s no offsides!

There are throw-ins, corners and goal kicks though, and here’s where it gets complicated: On the hexagonal pitch, each team has two sides of the six-sided pitch: the side with the goal (the ‘backside’) and the side opposite to your goal (the ‘frontside’). If the ball goes out on one of your two sides, you get the throw-in / goal-kick. If it went out off you, the throw-in or corner goes to the team whose own goal is nearest to where the ball went out.

Got all that? Here’s what all the chaos looks like in action:

Alex Robertson


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