Recess Cleveland Rules – Capture The Flag



This game started as an actual strategy on battlefields during war. A battle was considered over and won when the other side’s flag had been captured.

  1. You’ll need a large playing field, preferably in an area with lots of trees as this game involves a lot of ducking, running around corners and hiding, similar to hide-and-seek. Two “jails”, one for each team, are set up in opposite corners of the area.
  2. Each team gets 5 minutes to hide their team’s flag somewhere in the playing area. Then the game begins.
  3. Opposing team members try to get onto the other side’s area and find the flag. It is up the team members protecting that flag to grab invaders and lead them off to jail before someone finds the flag. You can only return to the game if a loose member of your team makes it to the jail and touches you. The team that finds the opposing team’s flag or is able to get all opposition members jailed is the winner.
  4. Proper sportsmanship is always a requirement.
  5. So is fun!




Alex Robertson


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