Play Bubble Soccer on Ice Thursday’s at Wade Oval Rink

Bubble Soccer on Ice - Recess Cleveland

Bubble Soccer on Ice – Recess Cleveland

Recess Cleveland has some exciting news. Our friends at University Circle Inc. have allowed us to take over the Wade Oval Ice Rink on Thursdays from 6pm-8pm until March 2nd. Join us for bubble soccer on ice along with many other classic recess games (with a twist).

What is Bubble Soccer aka Zorb Football you ask? Imagine playing soccer inside of a protective sphere, 5 feet in diameter, filled with air, but cored out in the center like an apple…or just watch the video from last week below:

Unlike traditional bubble soccer, it doesn’t matter how big or fast you are. Last week, we found out that ice is ultimate equalizer. Recess Cleveland’s founder and creative director, Alexander Robertson, was knocked down by a girl half his size several times last week all for fun. And because of the Zorbs, no one was hurt. We supply all of the equipment you need to play. Wear comfortable shoes and bring knee pads if you have them (to keep your knees warm when you’re getting up in the Zorb). No ice skates please! This week, we’re going to make the Zorbs light up using LED lights so that everyone knows what team they’re on.

Normally, this experience would cost you $30 or more, but it is a FREE friendly family event for people of all ages.  Donations are very welcome and appreciated, but not required.  All donations benefit the Re-Inspire Foundation, a local 501(c)(3) non profit. Hope to see you there. Please share this with your networks. Also feel free to bring a friend to watch or play.  RSVP here:

Scared of a little cold weather?  We’ll have outdoor heaters and tents setup to keep you warm.  Not sold on the soccer?  Well, come for the hot chocolate, hot dogs, and a court side view of hilarious collisions.

Want to see us host more events like this? Please visit to make an online donation.  Your donations are 100% tax deductible.

RSVP for this event:

See you Thursday!

Alex Robertson


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