What’s Fun in Cleveland this week? Bubble Soccer on Ice at Wade Oval, of course.

Bubble soccer played under the stars and on the ice

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Looking a bit like the manic giant vegetable played by Woody Allen in the movie “Sleeper”, a dozen or so kids and adults wearing inflatable bubbles gathered on the Rink at Wade Oval on Thursday night to play spirited if sometimes awkward games of soccer. Move too fast,

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Recess Cleveland 2016 Attendee Report

2016 was a blast for Recess Cleveland. Thanks to Neighborhood Connections, we were able to secure a grant to buy Body Zorbs. If you’re not familiar with Zorbs, you’ve probably seen them before…just watch the video of us testing them: [fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCXuWBIpZOU”]   The Zorbs are great for playing soccer:

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Fresh and fun: recessCLE

This series of stories, “Grassroots Success: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods,” explores how meaningful impact on our communities grows from the ground up. Support for “Grassroots Success” is provided by Neighborhood Connections.   Alex Robertson is smart, ambitious, and successful. And after leaving Glenville to attend Ivy League

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Recess for a cause

Coming Soon: Recess For a Cause

You bring the cause, we bring the fun! Non-profits, awareness fundraisers and grassroots groups are major building blocks in the foundation of healthy communities. Recess Cleveland is partnering with several local charities and community groups to throw “FUN”-raisers, bringing our recess activities to fundraising events. “Kick Cancer”, a kickball tournament

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Recess Cleveland Rules – Dodgeball

  Dodgeball – a childhood favorite! The court has a centerline with several balls lined up on it, two “attack” lines set up about ten feet back on each side of the centerline and two sidelines. The game starts when all members of the teams rush forward from the sidelines

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