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Want something to look forward to doing once the snow falls?  Look no more.  After Zorbing it up all summer, Recess Cleveland was challenged to come up with something even more fun.  And as usual we will not disappoint.  It’s time that we try human bowling, zorbing on ice, race in hamster zorbs, and have huge snowball fights.  Yes, snowball fights…but the Recess Cleveland way where two teams face off and throw snowballs at strategically placed targets behind the other team.

Update 2/2/17: THANK YOU DONORS! Your donations have allowed us to rent the ice skating rink at Wade Oval for Bubble Soccer on Ice. RSVP Here:


  • Purchase of Required Play Equipment for Human Bowling, Zorb Racing, and several other New Games!
  • Operating costs for 5 “FREEcess” events
  • Food and Refreshments for Participants, Volunteers, Supporters, Staff and Visitors from the Community
  • The Expansion of Recess Cleveland into More Under-Served Neighborhoods
  • Promotional Materials, T-Shirts for Staff, Volunteers and Participants.

Recess Cleveland is part of the Re-Inspire Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations to Recess Cleveland made in the US are tax-deductible.


Your donations also provide a solid foundation for our future endeavors

  • Teaming up with other charities to provide fun, physical activities at their fundraising events.
  • Recess Cleveland is moving into neighborhood schools, offering nearly 75 pop-up events at locations throughout the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and North East Ohio this year.
  • Your support has allowed us to begin offering our services for private events like company appreciation days, birthday parties and community festivals.


Your donation to Recess Cleveland directly supports our mission of bringing families and community members together promoting physical activity and the development of positive emotional and social skills in areas of the city that lack positive recreational environments. We’ll have contests, team games and individual activities for people of all ages and abilities! Donated funds help us offer snacks and refreshments at our events – the more donors we have, the more fun and support we can provide!

Social Impact: Research shows there is a direct correlation between physical activity and an overall positive, healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is also a direct correlation between impoverished neighborhoods, minorities and a lack of options for physical activity. Only 61% of African-American students get recess at school as compared to nearly 85% of white students. Neighborhoods with high rates of minorities and low incomes are the least likely to have resources to provide physical activity to its residents. Recess Cleveland changes all that.

Jarrett, O. A Research-Based Case For Recess. November 2013.

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Katie Spotz Donated $10.00

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