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Our Favorite Classic Games

  • Battle Ball – Large scale (think 20 vs 20) Dodge ball with special regeneration rules.  Always a crowd favorite.
  • Kickball – except we play Table food (22 and older) vs Similac (22 and younger).
  • Battle Soccer – Large scale, three-teamed soccer (think 10 vs 10 vs 10) with 3 goals and 3-5 balls (of different point values).
  • Capture the Flag – 2 or 3 teams attempt to capture their opponent(s) flags without being tagged before their flag is captured.
  • Capture the Flag (Glow in the Dark) – Same as the original, just at night with glowing cones, arm bands, and flags.

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Our Favorite Zorb Games

Recess Cleveland is known for our incredibly fun Zorb Games.  Unfortunately, all players must be above 4’8″ to play group Zorb games (so their legs are exposed enough to run freely in the Zorb).  Also, Hamster Zorb games have weight limitations of 275 lbs.  Apologies for any inconvenience. 

  • Human Bowling – Teams strap a teammate inside of one of our hamster zorbs and bowl them towards 6 or 10 ft inflatable bowling pins.  Note: May be played downhill as well (and looks even more fun when you add snow.  
  • Steal the Bacon – Two teams wearing Zorbs attempt to kick a football from the center of the arena back to the starting point on their side of the arena.  Steal the Bacon is also fun on ice.
  • Bubble Soccer – It’s soccer, but you must be inside of a Body Zorb to play.  Its fun on grass, but maybe even more fun on ice
  • King of the Circle – Two teams wearing Zorbs square off inside of a 100ft diameter circle.  One team wins when all opponents are pushed out of the circle.  *Can be played without teams as well.
  • Domination – Teams score points when a member of their team stands alone inside of a Hula Hoop for 3 seconds (think “Call of Duty Domination game).  Again, this game is also super fun on ice.  
  • King of the Hill – Two teams wearing Zorbs attempt to make it to their opponents position(s) before their opponent makes it to theirs.
  • Captain Cleveland– Two teams are facing each other before the beginning of the game each team must select a captain.  As soon as the whistle is blown the two teams compete with the objective of knocking down the captain of the opposing side, all players can hit the ground and get up without being eliminated from the game except the captains.
  • Protect the Pin – It’s Person of Interest (above) except your captain is a 10 ft inflatable bowling pin that doesn’t move.
  • Spartacus – Two teams battle to stay on their feet.  Once a player touches the ground with their bubble he/she is eliminated and must exit the court.  The team left standing wins.
  • Hamster Zorb Dodgeball – Standard Dodgeball rules, except players can advance anywhere they like inside of the field and each team is given one Hamster Zorb they can move around to use as “cover” from their opponents dodge balls.    
  • Zorb Dodgeball – Standard Dodge ball rules, except players can advance anywhere they like inside of the field and each team has three Body Zorbs to use as “cover” from their opponents dodge balls.  Note: there’s no moving the body zorbs once they’re placed at the beginning of the game.   
  • “Rage in the Cage” Dodgeball (coming soon) – Standard Dodgeball rules, both teams are placed inside of a confined area so there’s no where to run and no where to hide.  

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Winner gets various rewards (including FREE tickets to the Cleveland History Center, Botanical Gardens, Metropark Zoo, Holden Arboretum, or to see Cleveland’s Baseball team at Progressive Field.  Rewards list is here.

  • Tug-o-War – Classic tug of war with a twist…Guys vs Gals or Table food (22 and older) vs Similac (22 and younger).
  • Hula Hoop – Classic Hula Hoop contest but we add more hoops, different size hoops, etc.  This may encourage attendees to show their hooping skills.
  • Jump Rope – Very simple…don’t stop jumping rope except moving around in an attempt to disrupt your opponents is encouraged.  We tried double dutch contests, but kids nowadays.  🙂
  • Team Hamster Racing (Playoff) – Teams of two race down a path and back while running inside of a 10 foot tall Hamster Zorb.  8 or 16 teams engage in a single elimination playoff bracket style event where the winning team gets a reward.
  • Team Tic-Tac-Toe – Part foot race, part strategy.  When the pieces run out, you must move one of your team’s pieces to another square.  Be careful – think as one.
  • Zorb Basketball – Individual (or teams) toss playground balls into Zorbs that are assigned various values.  Highest score wins.
  • Multi Sports Target Practice – Individuals take a shot at pitching a tennis ball, kicking a soccer ball, or throwing a football inside of a target.  Top score(s) receive rewards.
  • Musical Chairs – The only game where the last person sitting wins.
  • Hula Hoop Ring Toss (coming soon) – Teams toss “rings” at targets of various values.  Highest score wins.
  • All Around the World (coming soon) – Individuals will play a classic game where they have 60 seconds to shoot from various targets worth 1-4 points on a basketball inflatable.  Highest Score in 60 seconds wins.

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Classic games (with a spin)

  • Dodgeball – Standard rules except maybe its Cavs Fans vs “Other” Fans.
  • Soccer – Table food (22 and older) vs Similac (22 and younger).
  • Ultimate Frisbee – Tall (6’0″) and over vs Fast (5’11” and shorter)
  • Hop Scotch
  • Four Square



We NEVER require attendees to play in group games.  At each event, we love to leave some of our toys around for attendees to play with at their leisure.  These toys may include:  Photo Booth (w/props and sometimes dancing), Corn Hole, Ping Pong, Tether ball (btw…the mayor loves tether ball), a Basketball Rim, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, Croquet, No Dig Put Put Golf, Various Board Games (chess, checkers, charades, etc), and even Karaoke or Face painting .   Plan your next event with us.


We also offer Inflatables….

Check us out at Open Street Cleveland’s event during our “Freecess” period for a sneak peak of our inflatable setup and plan your next event with us.

….And special Recess DJs 

Not every DJ has chemistry with our Recess Coordinators at Recess Events.  Often, we have to turn down the music to explain the rules to our group games and/or contests.  We prefer to work with DJs that are ok with this and we can connect you to DJs we used in the past with whose rates start at $100 an hour.

….And a Photo Booth

We setup and staff the photo booth with a professional photographer for $100/hr.  Need a custom 8′ x 8′ Step and Repeat Backdrop?!?  We design and print those for $200 (5 day turnaround).  

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