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Help Recess Cleveland win a $2500 grant with 60 seconds of your time

42% of schools have cancelled Recess.  Recess Cleveland, needs your support to bring recess back to schools and !!! Please take 1 min of your time to vote for us to win a $2500 grant from MissionBox by:

  1. Visit https://www.missionbox.com/organization/461/recess-cleveland
  2. Click “Recommend” next to our name.
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  3. Fill out the required information to vote
  4. Share this page, so your friends can vote too.
  5. Smile!  …and cross your fingers!

If we win, we’ll add up to 10 FREE recess events onto our community calendar.  That means more Bubble Soccer, more Dodgeball, more Capture the Flag…you get the picture ;-).

Thank you for your support and please share with your networks!



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Alex Robertson


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