Recess Cleveland 2016 Attendee Report

2016 was a blast for Recess Cleveland. Thanks to Neighborhood Connections, we were able to secure a grant to buy Body Zorbs. If you’re not familiar with Zorbs, you’ve probably seen them before…just watch the video of us testing them:

[fvplayer src=””]


The Zorbs are great for playing soccer:

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Also, we were able to take over the recess period at several schools including:
John Marshall – Highlights
Mary Bethune – Highlights
Garrett Morgan
Benjamin Franklin

In addition to providing entertainment for birthday parties and other private events, we continued our mission of crashing community events and neighborhood block parties.

All in all, by our estimates over 1700 people attended events hosted by Recess Cleveland and/or one if its partners.

Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood Block Party – 120
Zorb Testing – 20
August Glenville – 60
Wade Oval Wednesday – 75
Mary Bethune – 75
John Marshall – 200
September Glenville – 30
Detroit Shoreway Block Party – 70
Salvation Army – 50
Garrett Morgan – 70
October Glenville – 30
CiCLEvia – 200
Trotters in Glenville – 40
Ashbury Sprouts Haunted Garden Celebration – 60
Benjamin Franklin – 600

15 Events – Over 1700 attendees.

Yes! 1700+!!!!

That’s almost 10x more people than in 2015.  Check the year two highlights:

[fvplayer src=””]


We at Recess Cleveland would love to thank each and everyone of you.

Yes all 1700 of you!

And the Cleveland Browns ( for participating in Recess Cleveland games too!

[fvplayer src=””]


And we would like to extend a special thanks to all of our sponsors (in no particular order):
ciCLEvia (
Alliance for a Healthier Generation (
Neighborhood Connections (
Cleveland Municipal School District (
YMCA of Greater Cleveland (
and last but not least the Famicos Foundation.

Finally, we would like to thank all the volunteers that refereed the games, cooked food, taught 2nd graders how to properly hula hoop, and kept everyone safe during each event:
Sandra Robertson
Rena Minor
Jason Allen
Jerome Darling
James Rivers
Rachel Cruz
Jeff Sleasman
Sara Kidner
Jenise Robinson
Ariel Travis
Joshelyn Smith
Lakishia Freeman
Jay Freeman
Kenneth Purdue
Clifford Stover
Ashley Johnson
Marlene Gatewood-Allen
India Marshall
Jon Rivera
Tom Timlin
Scott Kroehle
Anna Purlmutter
Moneeke Davis

Now on to winter programming.

Alex Robertson


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