Recess Cleveland Rules – Dodgeball


Dodgeball – a childhood favorite!

  1. The court has a centerline with several balls lined up on it, two “attack” lines set up about ten feet back on each side of the centerline and two sidelines. The game starts when all members of the teams rush forward from the sidelines to pick up a ball. Everyone runs back to the attack line and aims for the opposing teams players.
  2. If you get hit with the ball, don’t catch a ball from another teammate that is thrown to you, or an opposing team player catches the ball when you throw it at them, you are out. You can also be called out if you cross the centerline to the other team’s side or if any part of your body goes out of bounds. After all players are eliminated, whichever team has one person standing is the winner.
  3. Proper sportsmanship is always a requirement.
  4. So is fun!!

Alex Robertson


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