Recess Cleveland Rules – Soccer

Soccer, also known as “football”, also known as “the beautiful game” and the whole world’s most beloved sport. The city of Cleveland has its own rich history with soccer – immigrants from Northern Europe were playing the game here as early as the 1850s. Soccer is one of the most enriching recess activities, requiring the use of physical energy, coordination, critical thinking skills and sportsmanship all in one sport. Here’s how the pros do it:



Here is a great video that introduces the basic rules of how to play soccer in a way that’s easy for people of any age and development to understand laid out in 17 “laws” of soccer:


Still a bit unsure? Come on out and play with Recess Cleveland and see! Everyone is welcome regardless of ability, but be prepared to run around a lot! Scoring goals can be easy for anyone to do, and getting penalties is actually pretty hard. It’s a fun game for everyone, players, staff and spectators. Proper sportsmanship is always a requirement…and so is having fun!

Alex Robertson


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