Recess Cleveland Rules – Wiffle Ball



Wiffle Ball is a simplified form of baseball, just like kickball. It has a diamond with four bases, but instead of an outfield, it has three scoring zones, and you can’t steal or run between bases, you can only move between them when the ball is successfully hit (and not caught) in one of the “scoring zones”.  Zones are set up like the picture below:



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A shot to the single area lets you move one base, a double lets you move two, a triple is three, etc. Anyone who makes it back to home scores a run for their team. Just like in baseball, a player is out if their shot is caught by an opposing team player, or they strike out three times without hitting the ball. The winner is the team at the end of 9 innings with the most runs scored.

Proper sportsmanship is always a requirement….so is having fun!!



Alex Robertson


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